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MSIC Areas of Focus

The MSIC is tasked with addressing areas of focus that fall under our charter of safety and community improvement. These focus areas are primarily driven by input and effort from Montclair-area residents and MSIC Steering Committee members. Other individuals, such as Oakland's District 4 leadership and certain Oakland city services, also provide assistance and direction for MSIC's various areas of focus.

Recognizing that organized neighborhoods in the greater Montclair area are the best way to involve residents to address issues of local concern, MSIC is working actively with community leaders and organizations to motivate, support and recognize these Montclair Organized Neighborhoods (MONs). Through community meetings, special interest networking, local training and recognition events, MSIC is working to help develop and sustain 100% organized neighborhoods in our area.

MSIC supports four primary areas of focus for these organized neighborhoods and our community as a whole:

Please visit any of these areas of focus links above that are of interest or concern to you. The best way to begin to address these issues in your neighborhood is to establish and work with your MON on local matters, and to work with the MSIC and other MONs and related groups on topics that affect the entire community. The MSIC is here to help you address important issues within these and any other areas of focus--please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can be of assistance.