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Steering Committee Elections

The MSIC needs engaged community members to contribute to our mission to help prevent crime, promote public safety and enhance the quality of life in the Montclair area and the City of Oakland. As a member of the MSIC Steering Committee you can share your skills, knowledge, and a bit of time to make our beautiful home more enjoyable for all.

Candidacy for the Steering Committee is open to all residents, homeowners and business owners within the MSIC Montclair area (Oakland Police Beat 13Z) who have attended at least two MSIC community meetings in the past year.

MSIC Steering Committee Positions

The MSIC Steering Committee positions are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Steering Committee Representative, and Community Organization Representative. Community Representatives are at-large positions, and Community Organization Representatives represent various Montclair community organizations (e.g., Montclair Village Association and other neighborhood groups and organizations interested in participating in the MSIC at the leadership level). The MSIC Steering Committee shall have at least seven (7) and not more than fifteen (15) members.

Steering Committee elections are held annually, and the term of service for all positions is one year.

2016 MSIC Steering Committee Elections

The MSIC held annual elections of Steering Committee positions at its Community Meeting on Thursday, May 5th, 2016.

Applications will also be accepted throughout the year for possible consideration for Interim Membership.

Updated May 16, 2016

Steering Committee Elections