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Steering Committee

The MSIC Steering Committee Board is responsible for Council governance, policy development and conducting all meetings.

All Montclair area residents (within Oakland Police Beat 13Z) and members of Montclair area community organizations, including but not limited to, neighborhood groups, merchant associations, neighborhood watch groups, school and parent-teacher associations and religious organizations, are eligible to serve on the Steering Committee.

Joining the MSIC Steering Committee

If you are interested in serving on the MSIC Steering Committee, please refer to the Steering Committee Elections information.

Steering Committee Board

The current MSIC Steering Committee Officers are:

The current MSIC Steering Committee Community Representatives are:

  • Jason Purdy (temporary appointment)
  • Josh Shaw
  • Roberto Stinga (temporary appointment)
  • Daniel Swafford
  • Michael Tigges
  • Nicholas Vigilante
  • Carolyn Winters

The current MSIC Steering Committee Community Organization Representatives are:

  • Fernwood Neighborhood Club: Jim Clardy
  • Montclair Village Association: Jeff Diamond
  • Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association: Stan Weisner

The current MSIC Steering Committee Volunteers are:

  • Yahoo! Group Moderator: Carolyn Winters

Advisory Representatives

Advisory Members are interested political and community officials who may attend meetings or provide support without voting privileges, or who provide guidance and liaison to the Council. There are no term limits for their association with the Steering Committee. They currently include:

Updated Apr 10, 2017

Steering Committee