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The 4 E's of Traffic Calming

The MSIC recommends that neighborhoods and community leaders utilize the 4 E's of traffic calming when tackling traffic and safety issues for their streets, school areas, etc. These 4 E's are comprised of:

  • Engineering work with Oakland Public Works department to improve signage, crosswalks, line-of-sight, road stenciling, other traffic calming measures, etc.
  • Enforcement work with the Oakland Police/Traffic Dept on speed enforcement, regular patrols, communications with regular offenders, etc.
  • Education increase community outreach, sponsor safety and awareness events, educate residents, commuters and recreational users, etc.
  • Empowerment participate in the Citizens Radar program, develop neighborhood signage, work with local officials to effect change, etc.

A document that outlines potential traffic calming measures that individuals and organized neighborhoods can employ to improve traffic safety on their streets can be found here.

For more information on these 4 E's of traffic calming and how they can be utilized in your traffic safety improvement efforts, please contact the MSIC by calling 510-457-1674, or send us an email.

The 4 E's of Traffic Calming